Why Zilper Foundation today?

The reason behind having Zilper Foundation was my child who got fire accident in 2011 when she was 9 years old. It was really very painful as the child got significant burns all-over her lower back down to both thighs. It's a miracle as I was not sure that she survived the fate.
She undergone six major plastic surgeries to correct skin contractures apart from minor surgeries which were done almost weakly to ensure that the upper skin layers which was totally damaged recovers and heal. And we thanks God for her because now she is fine and is in school [Form Two now].
The main issue about this is to share with you what i have been passing through and the difficulties i undergone while taking care of this child. I have never got into nursing classes but through this experience i started doing dressing my self till i got money so i really suffered a lot and i felt painful, after my child completely healed i decided to start an organization [NGO] to help poor children with disabilities because I know what the parents are passing through. So i am here to ask people who can join us to help these children with curable disabilities. In short, this is why we have Zilper Foundation for Kids with Disabilities.