Juliana Success story

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Juliana Success Story
Juliana Before Surgery
Juliana after Surgery

Juliana Leonce female kid of 5 years old from Babati with genu varus. We received her at our centre with a dire genus varus on her both legs. We took her to Selian hospital for corrective surgery.

The doctors investigated and scheduled her for surgery which then went smoothly without any complications. After the surgery, the child stayed at the Ward for say 2 weeks and was then discharged home while on POP. Due to the family dire poverty, we agreed with her parents to leave the child at our center for say two months under close medical care. She had a month in bed then afterwards slightly stood up and started walking herself with POP hardly for two weeks, the POP is then removed after two weeks and the child started light exercises including folding legs and steps up and down.

Juliana father is very glad to see her daughter physically fit after a successful surgery at Selian Hospital. “I am very happy to see Juliana walking properly like her partner”.

Juliana is a twin born with that disability while her partner is normal. Before I was unhappy and saw Juliana quite different from others, I felt sad and never anticipated that Juliana would walk like this now. I am now happy to see my kid in a normal condition and walking like others, no one would guess that Juliana had problems with her both legs before.

I highly appreciate all who helped my child, may God bless all of you wherever you are so as to continue helping other kids with the same problem. Thank you Zilper, thank you Mal and Selian for changing my child’s life

We zilper foundation are very happy to see Juliana with a happy smile again, a happy kid is our vision. We are happy also to see that we have transformed a disabled child to be physically fit and walking like other kids with a happy smile.

Thank you to all Aussie for your great support, Thank you Zilper foundation for your kind support while at the centre

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